Front-end Web Developer / Indie Game Maker

Who are you?

Hello, I'm Ian O'Dea. I'm from Chicago, Illinois, and I build websites. Specifically, I work on design and front-end development (what users see), which fuels my passion for finding creative solutions to dilemmas. Currently, I work at Groupon, where I get to flex my JS and Rails muscles in a collaborative, craftsmanship-focused environment.

From October of 2010 until its doors were closed in March of 2011, I worked for Celect as a Front End Web Developer. My primary job was to build website layouts using our proprietary CMS to provide websites to member-driven organizations such as fraternities, sororities, and faith-based organizations, among others. Outside of that scope, though, I pushed for greater use of JavaScript interactive elements, greater integration of 3rd-party applications in our system, more SEO functionality for our clients, and more consistent branding across our system.

From September of 2008 to May of 2010, I worked as a Multimedia Intern on the Education and Public Outreach team for the NASA IBEX Project at the Adler Planetarium. Within this position, I was given the opportunity to research, develop, and implement various web software (including image galleries and data collection systems). I also was given the opportunity to edit and even create original content for the IBEX website, our informal education initiatives, and our formal data products.

Things I'm interested in as of late: