I'm Ian O'Dea, and we should get in touch

Here's Why:

  • I'm really passionate about building robust front-end frameworks that are built to work mobile‐first, so your users get amazing experiences on every device.
  • You care about accessibility? I care about accessibility! Heck, I used to manually tag and order paragraphs for screen‐readers in educational posters for NASA! Seriously.
  • Want to be sure your product works? I write plenty of tests in order to prevent regressions and assure errors are caught before they go live.

Okay, What Have You Even Done?

Groupon (2011‐2016)

At Groupon, I worked tirelessly in the coupon mines, harvesting raw deal ore from the discount bedrock for which Chicago is so well‐known.

Mostly, though, I wrote lots and lots of CoffeeScript and Stylus; contributed to the front‐end framework upon which their site was built; maintained the internal tools used by our Humor team; and hacked on the Node apps that consumed their APIs and served their visitors.

Celect (2010‐2011)

At Celect, we made websites for member-driven organizations, like fraternities or faith groups, and also we laundered money or some other crime the SEC handles. No, seriously! Look it up! SEC v. Roth. Suffice it to say, the law caught up with Celect's founder and I was left without a job. Fun story, right?

While our doors were open, though, I did a ton of front-end work building these websites using our custom Rails framework: I ended up writing a TON of Sass, edited a lot of templates, and even started to work on a new JavaScript-based framework for us to create highly-reusable interactive pieces for our customers before we shuttered our doors.

Adler Planetarium (2008‐2010)

While in college, I had an extended internship opportunity working with educators at the Adler Planetarium spreading information about NASA's IBEX mission. During the course of this internship, I:

  • Vetted (and installed) the system for managing mission images.
  • Built a system for science educators, teachers, and museums around the world to order educational materials we produced.
  • Created a data collection tool for us to gather information about the impact of the lenticulars, lithographs, posters, and many other materials we distributed.

Freelance (2006‐Present)

Ever since I got started designing and developing content for the web, I've offered my services as a freelancer. Need a microsite for your product launch? I can handle that. Want a slick fat‐client webapp to complement your API? Get in touch.

Oh, and I don't just work on the web; I also make video games! You should check them out if you've got a minute.

Alright, Let's Get In Touch

Just shoot me an email and I will get back to you when I can!